BSS Educational Society is formed by Swami Nirmalananda Yogi in the year 1984,This is a charitable educational society, under this society four schools are there, BSS Gurukulam higher Secondary School ( unaided) ALP school Vanur ( aided) , BSS Higher Secondary School Kollengode ( aided) and Yogini Matha Girls High School Kollengode  ( aided) BSS BEd College Alathur and GIrls college BSS Vanitha Colege Alathur (100 % free education to the girls who were financially challenged) are functioning.


KERALA 678541


  • To spread education and culture among the people with special emphasis on the uplift of the illiterate , and other back ward class and women of the state. to achieve this object , the society will develop the educational and cultural institutions. besides this , society will accept, acquire or purchase properties, construct buildings , take over management of other educational institutions co-operate with government or any other organisation or association as me be found suitable for the furtherance of the causes of education , culture and morality.
  • To instill in the students tthe virtues of moral, goodness, justice, perseverance as also obedience and discipline.
  • To improve the standard of education and enable the students to have broad outlook generally
  • To improve upon the students the necessity of showing respect and reverence towards the teachers and parents and to train them to foster a feeling of fraternity among themselves
  • To give the students good quardings , high culture and train them to become worthy citizens .
  • To help the students acquire knowledge for development of their brain and control of their mind.
  • To disseminate sports spirit among the students
  • To disseminate sports spirit among the students
  • To raise fund from public by donation or by arranging benefit performances and collecting fees and other receipts from students for services and also by raising loans from public , banks and other financial institutions


BSS Gurukulam Higher Secondary School Alathur
BSS BEd Training  College, Alathur
BSS higher secondary school ,Kollengode
Yogini Matha Girls High School , Kollengode
ALP School, Vanoor