Our Guests

Our Guests

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Shri.Shankar Mahadevan

Shri. Shankar Mahadevan  Indian singer and composer who have inaugurated our "PAKKA" parents arts festival (kalolsavam) 2021-2022

Acharya Shri Mahashraman

Acharya Shri Mahashraman - The Eleventh Acharya of the Terapath Dharma Sangha visited our School and laid stone for Auditorium -2018-2019

Major D.P.Singh

Major DP Singh - Retired officer of the Indian Army , Kargil War veteran and India's first blade runner motivated our students. 2019-2020

Shri. Daya Bai

Daya Bai - Indian social activist from Kerala, working among the tribals of central India. motivated our students and teachers . 2017-2018

Shri. Rahul Eswar

Rahul Easwar- Indian right-wing activist, philosophy author and orator from Kerala - Training for Teachers 2017-2018

Shri.V.K. Sreeraman

V.K .Sreeraman--Indian film actor, writer, TV anchor and social worker. Inaugurated our School Cub's - 2019-2020


P Unnikrishnan- Indian Carnatic vocalist and playback singer. Inaugurated our School Arts Festival (Kalolsavam) 2019-2020

Shri.Babu Kottayil

Babu Kottayil -President Vyapari Vyavasai Ekopana Samathi palakkad- Felicitation speech on School Arts Festival (Kalolsavam) Inauguration 2019-2020

Shri Jithin Gopalan

Jithin Gopalan- Santhosh Trophy Football Star from Kerala-Sports Day Felicitation Speech-2019-2020


Dr.V.Gabreil- Former Director Physical Education Kerala- Inaugurated School Sports 2019-2020

Mrs. Santha Kumari

Mrs.Santha Kumari- Principal Sravana Samsara School Yakkara, Palakkad - Motivated our students 2019-2020

Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel

Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel - The Kidney Priest - Training for Parents and Teachers ( Parenting)2019-2020

Shri Seetha Thampi

Shri.Seetha Thampi- Kidney Donour -Motivational speech 2019-2020

Br Sudheer Chaitanya

Br Sudheer Chaitanya-Creating awareness against Environment pollution and Drug Abuse -2019-2020

Father.Paul Pottackal

Father.Paul Pottackal- Divinity of Sex- an open Discussion with students - 2019-2020

‪Dr. P. Umadevi

‪Dr. P. Umadevi- Scientist- Training for Teachers

Shri Renish. - RTO

Shri. Renish-RTO -Road Safety Class for students 2019-2020

Lt. Esan-Ex-Indian Navy Commander - Delta Squad

Lt. Esan-Ex-Indian Navy Commander - Delta Squad- Motivational class-Importance of Discipline for students -2019-2020


Shri.EB.Ramesh- Chairman Daya Charitable Trust- importance of Social commitment- 2019-2020

Shri.Ramya Haridas - Member of Parliament

Shri.Ramya Haridas - Member of Parliament- Motivational class and Annual day Inauguration -2019-2020