Our Guests

Our Guests

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Shri.Saiju Kurup

Shri.Saiju Kurup-Actor- Felicitation Speech - annual day Program 2004-2005

Shri.Sajeev Nair

Shri.Sajeev Nair · Wellness Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Coach, Author - How to dream-2007-2008

Shri. Jayasurya

Shri. Jayasurya-Actor, distributor, film producer, playback singer, and impressionist- Felicitation speech- Annual day Program 2007-2008

Smt. Kadhal Sandhya

Smt. Kadhal Sandhya-film actress- Felicitation Speech - Annual Day Program- 2010-2011

Shri.Rimi Tomy

Shri.Rimi Tomy- playback singer, television host, and actress- Felicitation Speech - Annual day Program- 2010-2011

Padma Shri-Harekala Hajabba

Padma Shri-Harekala Hajabba - Inaugurated Oct 2nd Rice Distribution program 2014-2015


Shri.T.N. KANDAMUTHAN - PRESIDENT, DISTRICT PANCHAYATH, PALAKKAD- Inaugurated Annual day Program 2008-2009

Shri.Nikki Galrani

Shri.Nikki Galrani -Actress and model - Felicitation speech- Annual day program- 2013-2014

Shri.Shihabudheen Cp

Shri.Shihabudheen Cp-Motivational speaker to a painter, dancer and violinist- Motivated students- 2013-2014

Shri.Sriram Venkitaraman

Shri.Sriram Venkitaraman IAS officer- Motivation class for students 2012-2013

Shri. A. K. Balan

Shri.A. K. Balan -THE MINISTER FOR SC/ST & BC, LAW, CULTURE & PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS - Inaugurated - Annual Day Program-2010-2011

NSG Commando Shri. PV Maneesh

NSG Commando Shri PV Maneesh -Motivation Class- 2017

Shri N.N. Wanchoo · Governor of Kerala from April 1, 1973 to October 10, 1977

Shri N.N. Wanchoo · Governor of Kerala from April 1, 1973 to October 10, 1977 - Stone laid for new building 28/05/1973

Shri.K.J Yesudas

Shri.K.J Yesudas- Indian playback singer and musician - concert to benefit school building fund 1975