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Our Guests

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Shri. Manoj K. Jayan

Shri. Manoj K. Jayan - Film Actor- Felicitation Speech - Annual Day Program 2017-2018

Shri. Murukan Kattakada

Shri.Murukan Kattakada-Noted poet and lyricist - Inaugurated Teachers Program- 2018-2019

Smt. G.Poonguzhali IPS

Smt. G.Poonguzhali IPS- District Police Chief- Motivated Students 2017-2018

Smt.Namitha Pramod

Smt.Namitha Pramod-Actress- Felicitation Speech - Annual Day Program-2016-2017

Shri.Neeraj Madhav

Shri.Neeraj Madhav - Film actor, rapper and dancer - Felicitation Speech - Annual Day Program 2016-2017


Shri. M. CHANDRAN MLA, Alathur- Inauguration - Annual day Program 2014-2015

Shri K. Achuthan.MLA

Shri K. Achuthan.MLA. Inauguration - Annual day program 2014-2015

Shri.Shafi Parambil MLA

Shri.Shafi Parambil MLA- Inauguration - Annual Day Program- 2011-2012

Shri-Therambil Ramakrishnan

Shri-Therambil Ramakrishnan - Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly - Inauguration - BSS BEd Training College 2004

Shri.Sukumar Azhikode

Shri.Sukumar Azhikode-academic, orator, critic and writer of Malayalam literature- Inauguration-BSS BEd Training College 2004-2005

Shri.VC.Kabeer Master

Shri.VC.Kabeer Master- former Minister of Kerala- Inauguration - Independence day Program 2017-2018

Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran

Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran - HRD trainer and Personal Coach in Kerala - Motivation class for students - 2017-2018

N. N. Krishnadas . MP

N. N. Krishnadas -Member of Parliament- Inauguration - Bhramananda Swami Sivayogi birth day - program 2005

M D Valsamma

M D Valsamma- Indian athlete -gold medalist in Asian games - Inaugurated Annual day Program 2006-2007

Shri. Jagadish

Shri. Jagadish- film actor, screenwriter, television presenter, cinematographer, and former politician - Felicitation Speech- Annual Day Program 2006-2007

Shri.V. Chenthamarakshan.MLA

Shri.V. Chenthamarakshan.MLA. -Inauguration - Annual Day Program 2005-2006


Shri.G.S.Pradeep- Indian television personality and a public intellectual - Felicitation Speech-Annual day Program 2005-2006

Shri.T. N. Seshan

Shri.T. N. Seshan -Chief Election Commissioner of India - Inaugurated Swamiji's Manashanthy Camp -1994-1995


Shri.K.R.Narayanan - The vice-president of India- Inaugurated BSS Gurukulam High School Silver Jubilee function 1995-1996

Smt. Roma Asrani-

Smt. Roma Asrani- model and actress - prize distrubution - Annual day Program 2004-2005