Our Guests

Our Guests

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Shri-RLV Ramakrishnan

Shri.RLV Ramakrishnan –first Mohiniyattam male dancer 2017-2018

Shri.VC.Kabeer Master

Shri.VC.Kabeer Master- former Minister of Kerala- Inauguration - Independence day Program 2017-2018

NSG Commando Shri. PV Maneesh

NSG Commando Shri PV Maneesh -Motivation Class- 2017

Shri. Vidyadharan master

Shri.Vidyadharan master- Music composer and playback singer in Malayalam cinema 2017-2018

Shri. Rahul Eswar

Rahul Easwar- Indian right-wing activist, philosophy author and orator from Kerala - Training for Teachers 2017-2018

Smt.Namitha Pramod

Smt.Namitha Pramod-Actress- Felicitation Speech - Annual Day Program-2016-2017

Shri.Neeraj Madhav

Shri.Neeraj Madhav - Film actor, rapper and dancer - Felicitation Speech - Annual Day Program 2016-2017


Shri.Sannidhanandan- Idea Star Singer Fame and Play Back Singer- 2016-2017

Smt.Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

Smt. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi - playback singer -Inaugurated School Youth Festival 2016-2017


Shri.Madanan Artist - Drawing Experience - 2015

Shri. Rishiraj Singh.IPS

Shri. Rishiraj Singh.IPS- Felicitation Speech -Annual day Program 2015-2016

Smt. Mia George

Smt. Mia George-- Actress and Model- Felicitation Speech - Annual day Program 2015-2016

Shri.Ranjit Shankar

Shri.Ranjit Shankar - Malayalam film Director/Producer- Inaugurated our School Arts Festival (Kalolsavam) - 2015

Shri.Aju Kurian Varghese

Shri.Aju Kurian Varghese -Malayalam film actor and producer who Inaugurated students Tender coconut machine 2015

Shri.Nikki Galrani

Shri.Nikki Galrani -Actress and model - Felicitation speech- Annual day program- 2013-2014


Shri. M. CHANDRAN MLA, Alathur- Inauguration - Annual day Program 2014-2015

Shri K. Achuthan.MLA

Shri K. Achuthan.MLA. Inauguration - Annual day program 2014-2015

Padma Shri-Harekala Hajabba

Padma Shri-Harekala Hajabba - Inaugurated Oct 2nd Rice Distribution program 2014-2015

Shri.Shihabudheen Cp

Shri.Shihabudheen Cp-Motivational speaker to a painter, dancer and violinist- Motivated students- 2013-2014

Shri.Sriram Venkitaraman

Shri.Sriram Venkitaraman IAS officer- Motivation class for students 2012-2013